BabyBrains parenting courses

BabyBrains parenting courses


Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, anxious - or just want more information about your child's brain? 

Understanding early years development can be the key to solving many challenges parents face.

Book now for our November courses which run on 3 Mondays 

November 21

                                                              November 28 

                                                              December 1 

Available either
Online and In person

                          From 9:45- 11:45am                              

What is the BabyBrains parenting course?


This course is for new parents, parents with children aged 0 to 4, for carers or anyone interested in learning more about what's goign on in our children's brain and how we can support them. Children are welcome to join on the course!  

BabyBrains is a 6-hour course (spread across a few weeks) that brings brain science to parents in a fun way; empowering you (or other adults in your child's life) to make the most of the first years with your child.

The course aims to support and nurture parents who are looking for gentle, supportive and effective methods to help children thrive in early years and is suitable for parents of children 0-4 years. 

You will learn about the latest thinking and research into child development and gain confidence, skills and tips to  interact with your child. If you want some kind, nurturing support to help you raise fulfilled and successful children - this course is ideal.



Week 1

[ 9:45  - 11:45 am ]

1. HABITS: How to establish good family habits

2. THERORY OF MIND: How to deal with the feeling of manipulation 

Week 2

[ 9:45 am - 11:45 am ]

3. SEPERATION ANXIETY: Understanding separation anxiety

4. LANGUAGE: Language development and bilingualism 

Week 3

[ 9:45  - 11:45 am ]

5. DISCIPLINE: Effective motivation and discipline

6. INDEPEDENCE: Encouraging healthy independence


What people say



Stephanie D. 


As a first time mum, I really enjoyed the informal yet informative and highly interactive sessions that Babybrains gave me on my quest to discover how to be a ‘good parent’.


Spaces are limited